I’m joining a cult and you can too! Unicult Unboxing

I ordered a cool t-shirt from an artist who goes by the name Unicole Unicron. When the package arrived, I somehow knew its unboxing deserved proper documentation.

20140822-132352-48232957.jpgSeeing the contents of this manilla envelope, I was overcome by an immediate sense of joy.
20140822-132534-48334305.jpgI began with a closer look at the brochure.

20140822-132731-48451075.jpgIt turns out Unicole is the leader of a cult. It sounds perfect for me.

20140822-133258-48778948.jpgOn the back of the brochure there’s a short story and cult member application.

20140822-133517-48917915.jpgCount me in! Next, I noticed this soft shiny pouch.

20140822-133805-49085756.jpgInside was a genuine quartz crystal.

20140822-133945-49185799.jpgNo wonder this package felt magical. Next, the t-shirt.

20140822-134219-49339338.jpgI’ve always thought reptilians are so misunderstood. I’m looking at you, youtube conspiracy theorists. We’re trying to help! And Unicole gets that.


You can get a magical Unicult package of your very own by visiting the Unicult’s online store.

20140822-135117-49877499.jpgYay! Best spiritual/online shopping decision I’ve ever made, and I make a lot of them!

*This post’s featured image was pulled from Unicole Unicron’s instagram account, @UNICOLEUNICRON. I will definitely be wearing my crystal like that lady, all the time.


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