The time I met Bryan Goldberg and had an almost good conversation Conjures Every Terrible Feeling Women in Media Have About Women’s Media

Whoa… I totally did a stop and chat with this guy at the PreMoney Conference in San Francisco. It went something like this:

Goldberg: [saying something about new and better women’s magazine]

Me: Did you say you’re working on a women’s magazine? That’s awesome. I hate how dumbed down women’s print magazines are, and I love magazines. It makes me really sad actually.

Goldberg said something about how this publication was going to be different.

Me: Well you know Rookie, right? I f*****g love that blog so much. I actually love the book even more. They did a fantastic job curating it. Well and Jezebel too, of course, but they’re not in print.

Goldberg: [blank look]

Me: Oh, you’ve never seen Rookie?

An awkward few bits of conversation ensued in which I was surprised to realize he wasn’t familiar with any of the leading digital and print publications in his sector. They could have been his allies, he could have outdone them, whatever. By ignoring what was there, he missed the opportunity to offer something better.

The next session was starting. I asked if he had a card. He didn’t so I took a picture of his badge and found a seat.


Shit, dude. I need to do a better job following up on these conference people. I am either very good or very bad at networking.

I hope this story isn’t over. In his defense, Goldberg was friendly, happy to chat about media, and seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the project. Will he use his funding/received criticism constructively and bring something new to the table? If nothing else, perhaps this boondoggle will draw investors toward some of the excellent publications that already exist.





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