Node.js vs PHP – using Load Impact to visualize node.js efficiency

Nice introductory overview of what differentiates Node.js from PHP.

Load Impact Blog

It could be said that Node.js is the new darling of web server technology. LinkedIn have had very good results with it and there are places on the Internet that will tell you it can cure cancer.

In the mean time, the old work horse language of the Internet, PHP, gets a steady stream of criticism. and among the 14k Google hits for “PHP sucks” (exact term), people will say the most funny terrible things about the language while some of the critique is actually quite well balanced. Node.js introduces at least two new things (for a broader audience). First, the ability to write server side JavaScript code. In theory this could be an advantage since JavaScript is more important than ever on the client side and using the same language on server and browser would have many benefits. That’s at least quite cool.

The other thing that makes Node.js different is…

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