Embracing Challenge


The latest addition to my workspace is a puzzle depicting Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I got it while visiting Europe with my little sister in March. It’s a reminder to embrace the challenges inherent to what I do. Programming is exciting the way skiing is exciting. I don’t show up for the bunny slopes. I show up because one little mistake can crash the whole thing. I show up because web audio is still an ungroomed mess. I show up because there aren’t enough experts to go around. I show up because the paradigms are as temporary as tracks in fresh powder. I show up because I love the focus required to work above my current level.

Yesterday I caught myself wishing there was a clear path towards my goals. A neat little checklist of every library I should be using, method I should be employing, framework I should be deploying from. The paradox of working on the cutting edge of a field is that opportunity is inversely proportional to clarity. If I am brave, methodical, and I document my research, the path toward Interactive Audio on the web will be as clear as I make it.

If you found this post because you’re interested in new web media technology, check out Chrome Canary. It’s a playground for experimental features that aren’t stable enough to be implemented on mainstream browsers. Today I’m using it for this tutorial by Stuart Memo on how to create an in browser synthesizer. Enjoy the slopes.


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