Two Seattle Women Dare to Ask Us WHO is the Better Bombshell?

Artists for Artists

by Shazreh Malik

photos by Alex Crick

Here’s what happens when a couple of hard-working, capable, and creative women agree on an idea: victory, triumph, success, and then some with The Better Bombshell.  The idea, in this case: to bring forth art, talent, and dialogue by employing and collaborating two parallel and equally important genres of communication – visual art and writing.  With a published book in hand, their blog running successfully, and a few other projects underway, Charlotte Austin and Siolo Thompson join me for a conversation at the spot of their creative revelation – Louisa’s, a coffee shop in the Seattle neighborhood of Eastlake.

“We wanted to find a way to bring together our two networks,” says Thompson, a figurative, narrative painter, and a curator.  An established professional, she is connected to a variety of visual artists.  She found the perfect business partner in Austin, a successful…

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