The Transmedia SF Startup Weekend ended tonight. I had a really positive experience. Not much sleep, but when the work is meaningful I love working myself that hard. We started Friday. I didn’t like any of the project proposals I heard so I suggested a reboot of my old game prototype, RUCA. People voted on my pitch and it was selected so I lead a group in working on it. Things were going well. Last night I had a photo shoot for library shots that were going to be integrated into the new an improved Indiex Library, now called the Avathene Library. Put a lot of love into the set. Today the web programmers didn’t show up. One texted to say he was sick. I wrote back asking if he could send me some of the files. No response. The photos I took last night were never integrated. We were able to present our work without the completed website by inserting the images we would have used into a powerpoint, but I still felt sad about it.Voodoo in motion

On the bright side, I gave a cute guy a ride home and he sang me the theme song from Jem and the Holograms.


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