Flowers are so contradictory!

I am in Buenos Aires re-reading The Little Prince. I hadn’t picked it up simce childhood. I was inspired to download it on my Kindle app by an Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote at the beginning of the Forgotton Colours interactive story collection.

And I could become like grown-ups who are only concerned with figures. That is why I have bought a box of paint and some pencils.

Interesting coincidence that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a French Air Force pilot. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Air Force lately.

For years I have had the sub-plot in my mind of an Air Force man as the love interest for my character in RUCA. His name is Charles Dodge and he works on black ops in the Arctic somewhere near the South Pole. The secrecy and seclusion of his work make it hard for him to meet new people, especially women, and he would like to have a girlfriend. His therapist suggests that he create and tend to a little garden. She tells him that his garden will teach him the patience required to wait for the right women to enter his life. She also knows that creating a garden in the Arctic will require a great deal of strategic planning and that this will keep him mind busy and off his loneliness.

Charles’ therapist is my grandmother, Cloe Madanes. She has been hired by the military with the specific task of reducing rates of military suicide. One of her first initiatives is to require that all high risk military personnel speak with a therapist over the phone on a monthly basis. Cloe would insist that these conversations remain confidential, but for many soldiers there would be suspicion on both sides as to whether or not the military was bugging the calls. Charles, however, spoke freely on his calls because he knew that his issues were not the sort that could get a person discharged. He was more of a scientist than a soldier, PTSD wasn’t an issue. He was considered high risk because of his geographical isolation and confidentiality of his work.

Our relationship will have a La fille du régiment arc. Charles will meet my character when I go to his base to prepare for the launch of a rocket that I will be on. My position on the rocket will be secret from most people. I can’t even tell my family that I will be on it. I must lie and say that I am merely working on the base. Charles will leave the security of his base research position, taking a dangerous opportunity on the ship in order to be near me. My grandmother finds out about my ship assignment during a therapy session with Charles. Upset that she had been lied to and scared for my safety, Cloe breaks patient confidentiality and asks the General that I be replaced and not be allowed to launch. Realizing that the confidentiality of the mission has been compromised and the the value of my secret asylum negated either way, the General removes me from the mission. Charles launches without me and we are once again separated. The part I haven’t come up with yet is how we will meet again…


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