An Animated Dream Come True

Things I’m bad at: gardening, drawing parallel lines, saying words that end in -sts

Things I’m good at: anthropomorphizing objects, making school assignments fit projects I’ve been wanting to do

This week’s Visual Storytelling assignment is to storyboard and film a public service announcement, so naturally I am using the opportunity to make a stop motion movie about how the Telecommunications Act of 1996 allowed the Clear Channel Corporation to dominate American radio and how the resulting lack of musical variety amongst transmitted radio waves is wreaking havoc on the Deaddy Bear population who depend on a wide variety of musical waves in order to survive. The PSA encourages people to use file-sharing and BitTorrent services in order to fight the musical monotony.


If you’ve been following my work over the years, thanks! I didn’t know anyone was paying attention *_* and ya you might recognize the Deaddy Bear plot line from my 2009 adventure game, RUCA. For everyone else, I’ve put a downloadable version of the game on dropbox that you can download and play from your browser if you feel so inclined. Download the folder and start at the page that says starthere.


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