The Dilettante Savant

Today I started packing up my apartment because I am moving to a new place with some friends on Tuesday. Packing my books made me feel very uncomfortable and not just because they’re heavy… The thing is that I have so many of them, and most of them are about a wide array of artistic and technical topics that I have taken an interest in over the years. Which brings me to the question, why do I have so many interests? And, maybe more importantly, why does this bother me? I’ve been feeling guilty about the fact that I haven’t yet become a specialist in any particular field, and that even as I go back to school to specialize in interactive audio, I constantly find myself drawn towards other creative pursuits. Is there something wrong with me? Do I have creative commitment phobia? Or is being interdisciplinary just a part of who I am and a potential strength if I leverage it properly? The Jaded Review’s Guide to Hippie Watching describes Saturn Return as “The depression that comes in your late 20’s when you realize your life is going nowhere and you still don’t have any money.” Haha. Yup. ❤


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